Art for charity

Having been on various voluntary projects both in the UK and abroad I have seen first hand how this may benefit people and their local communities.

In a way of giving something back I will be donating 50% of the sale of all artworks to a charity one of my chosen charities which you can select from.

The charities are listed below with a brief description

Poverty Breakers is a small registered charity and it's mission statement is to transform lives of the under privileged people and children in India and in exceptional cases in Enfield.

The mission is implemented by providing assistance through:

1/ Support for poor families

2/ Support for schools including ongoing maintenance of school buildings and furniture

3/ Support for school children including clothing, slippers, water bottles, stationary etc.

4/ School entertainment and school trips

5/ Private school and hostel fees for selected poor children

Poverty Breakers transforms poor lives for the better

See links below.

Poverty Breakers – Poverty Breakers is changing lives for the better.

Poverty Breakers | Facebook

Shooting Star Children's Hospice is a well known charity who care for babies, children and young people with life limiting conditions, and their families. See link below

Shooting Star Children's Hospices

Both of these charities link well to the artworks I create and the deeper meaning found in my creations, which is summed up by a quote taken from the Shooting Star website, "Whether lives are measured in days, weeks, months, or years, we're here to make each moment count".


Save the Children

Disasters Emergency Commitee