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Original spiritual art for homes and offices. Start your art collection today, or gift them to family and friends to enhance any space. Commission enquiries welcome



"To respectfully raise knowledge and awareness of different spiritual faiths through art, books and charity."

- Art by Mital

Thank you for coming and exploring my artwork which is created to be fun, vibrant yet meaningful.

Each piece is created with the help of audiobooks either before, after or during the painting process which helps shape the direction of the art.

The books are based around my interests in religion, spirituality, philosophy, psychology and modern neuroscience. Each artwork has a quote or message that has resonated with me whilst creating the piece.

All artworks are infused with Tonglen meditation practice which leave them positively charged. See FAQ.

All artworks are 100% imperfect and proudly impermanent like ourselves, so enjoy them whilst possible.

Self taught and self inspired I hope the creations spark conversations about life and about what connects us together and to inspire the younger generation to balance both material and spiritual paths.

You can follow my art works, latest audiobooks, quotes on my Instagram account, artby.mital.