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" Don't let people pull you into their storm, instead pull them into your peace"

- Pema Chodron

Abstract Palestinian flag with the word peace written in Braille and the universal peace symbol. The braille peace letters are written in an arrow pointing at a symbol of peace depicting a message of the state of the world where the blind can point to peace whilst those with sight don't know where to look.

The artwork is to show solidarity to all those who are blind or visually impaired who alongside this, have the added suffering of living in a war or conflict zone around the world. Many of these conflicts we are also blind to as they are not in the news or talked about.

Access to rapid eye care is far more restricted and so it is no surprise there is a high percentage of avoidable sight loss in these countries.

The room mock ups are purposely placed in lavish setting just to highlight that suffering exists even though it is not always visible.

40cm x 40 cm canvas made with acrylic paints and spray paints.

Donated to a charity event to help raise money for medical aid in Palestine.


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