Lord Ganesh- Silver Ray - New home found

Lord Ganesh- Silver Ray - New home found


"The elephant of the mind wandering wildly,

Is to be securely bound with the rope of mindfulness,

To the pillar of an object of meditation,

Gradually to be tamed with the hook of wisdom”

Scholar - Yogi Bhavaviveka

- Own this original and unique artwork on up-cycled 12 inch vinyl record representing the circle of life.

- Acrylic spray paint with stencils, varnish finished and ready to hang.

- All artworks are signed, dated and Tonglen meditation infused.

- Sold framed with black mount and gun metal frame and ready to hang..

- Copyright held by the artist and mock images are not to scale.

- Free UK delivery and £10 will be donated to charity when this artwork finds the right home (see art for charity).

Please check product gallery to view some of the audiobooks that helped inspire this artwork


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