MAHER- Sister Lucy Kurien, founder of Maher

MAHER- Sister Lucy Kurien, founder of Maher

Donated to Sister Lucy- Mother Teresa of Pune for all her hard work and dedication to those less fortunate through her charity, Maher

This artwork was created with the theme of interfaith connection and unity and to highlight that Maher welcomes all those in need. Simple on the eye but layered with meaning which I have explained a few below:

- Created on upcycled 12 inch circular record vinyl representing the circle of life and also the power of one life.

- Maher is central with rays spreading to all faiths signifying all are welcome if they need support from Maher.

- The Maher logo is layered of a brick effect symbolising that they are their for people when we are met with ''life walls'', and with Mahers help these can be broken through and transcended.

- Maher wooden stencil is also layered in glow in dark paint to represent that even in the darkest times there can be a way to light and there is support if asked for.

- The colour theme came from a rainbow and how white light is split into different colours depending on the medium it travels. This is likened to the white light splitting into different colours and thus different faiths depending on the medium of our own surroundings.

This is my first artwork to be in India and I hope it brings a sense of peace, hope and connection to those who see it at the offices of Maher.


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